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Amazingly thrifty

So, the economy sucking like it does has caused us to make MANY changes in our household. One being that we have definitely become thrifty shoppers. Thank GOD I have boys because I think they just may be a little more understanding than girls when it comes to clothing. I am happy to report that we are nearly DONE with school shopping. My mom and I have been "treasure hunting" quite a bit lately. We've found a few awesome thrift stores and have visited several really dumpy ones. We now have our favorites. I've managed to outfit all 4 boys for under $120! They got SO much stuff and they were super excited. Now all I need to buy are new shoes for Jon and Jake. They won't be cheap because with as active as those two are, I feel it's just better all around to get them good shoes. But, I will be DONE! It's such a great feeling. We have our school supplies, our school clothes and we are MORE than ready for another great school year. If you have any great money saving tips for us regarding ANYTHING from food to activities, I'd LOVE to hear from you. While we've made quite a few adjustments to our budget, I'm finding we still need to make more. Especially with a newbie due to arrive in just about 2 months. Bring on the money saving ideas!


andria said...

Find out when the thrift shops change seasons and then go back then or a week later. You'll find so many of the last season stuff really cheap. I got tons of cute stuff for Elizabeth for a dollar each this week, summer things for next year.

I've been doing the mygrocerydeals and couponmom.com and that helps. We've also been doing at least 2 yoyo (you're on your own) nights a week. Planning one less meal really cuts back.

Amie said...

I can't think of anything, but I can recommend "The Tightwad Gazette" for good ideas. I read that book several years ago and it really changed the way we did a lot of things.

Leslie said...

Thrift stores are awesome.

Also, instead of buying individual lunch foods (jello or puddings, fruit cups, etc), often it is cheaper to buy a box of jello & a package of the little round gladware containers (I think that they're a half cup each), and make your jello / pudding in the gladware, or buy a 'value size' fruit salad can and divide it up!!

(in my hosuehold, 'being frugal is an artform!!")

~Sheila~ said...

I LOVE shopping thrifty.
I buy filler paper from Walmart AFTER school starts because then they have the 150 pack for .10. I buy 70 page notebooks for 15 cents each. I buy the whole box (which is 24 in each box) because it comes out to 3.60 a box. AWESOME!