"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


here's what's going on....

With only 10 short days to go until my due date, I'd love to report that there's something going on but....well, I just can't. I don't think this baby will be early OR on time. I think he's going to be another late arrival. My boys have ALL been late. I'd love to know any tried and true ideas for going into labor. I'm telling you...the novelty has worn off by now. I'm not particularly uncomfortable, just tired of this big, clumsy body. I'm ready to move on to the next chapter in this story....
I'm guessing he'll be here on the 10th. Anybody else want to venture a guess?
Here's what I've had SO far....
Jon- 3 days late. 10lbs 22.5"
Jake- induced 6 days early because docs thought he'd be BIGGER than Jon! 8lb10oz 21"
Tucker- 7 days late. 9lb14oz 21"
Tanner- induced 8 days late. 9lbs11oz 20.5"
Brennen- induced 7 days late. 9lbs. I have NO idea how long he was because they didn't even give me one of those little cards! BUMMER.
I sometimes think this boy will be really big because he's SO strong but then I figure if he still has so much room to be a little hellion, maybe he's on the smaller side? WHO KNOWS! I'm really looking forward to finding out.

In other news...and there's plenty of that with 5 boys...
Jon left this morning at 6am for Boy Scout advance camp. He's working on more merit badges. When he returns, he'll be home for Monday and then Tuesday morning he leaves to be a camp counselor for 5th grade outdoor ed. He took it upon himself to look into the program, apply and all. He's really excited! He's also been working really hard in school this year and I'm SO proud to announce that he currently has ALL A's and B's. I think it was 4 A's and 2 B's! He rocks. He's always been extremely intelligent and I'm so glad that he's focusing on grades instead of just girls. Don't get me wrong, he's still TOTALLY into girls but he understands that grades ARE important. Thank GOD!

Jake is doing pretty well in 8th grade this year. The school changed his schedule and he had a class he didn't like so he took it upon himself to switch it. I am so proud of him for being so independent and being an advocate for himself. He is now in drama which he LOVES! The girls really love Jake too and I am happy to say that he is NOT so into girls! Whew! I certainly don't need 2 hormone driven boys! Jake seems to have adapted very well to full time public school and he's got lots of friends. He's getting more and more independent. I'm able to have him skateboard from school to karate 2 days a week so my job is much easier. Jake's also been working for an organic farmer harvesting veggies. He really loves the work. He and Jon both work there but Jake is always the first to step up when the farmer calls last minute needing help. He's there as we speak...working his first Farmer's Market. Hopefully they give him a raise soon. (they started him lower than Jon because he was slower but he's been busting his lil butt trying to impress them) I must say, I'm very proud of him and his work ethic.

Tucker is having some independence forced on him and he's rather unwilling. He's in 5th grade now and it's a bit more serious. He's got lots of book reports and a research project to do this year. All very daunting tasks for a boy who doesn't want to take responsibility for anything. He's still somewhat immature and I do worry about him but I have to just push him to do his best and to really step up and be the responsible kid that he needs to be. I'm so grateful that we held him back years ago because if he were actually starting middle school this year, I think he'd just die. He's been doing really well with his karate and is participating in another tournament today! Last time he took first place in sparring so hopefully he'll do really well. If he can remember his form, maybe, just maybe, he'll earn a trophy this time. He really has taken to karate and I think it's been VERY good for him. It's nice for him to have something that Jake isn't involved in so he's not at all in Jake's shadow.

Tanner is having a pretty good 2nd grade year. He had to get back on his ADHD meds. I haven't been able to get him in to get more allergy treatments. I think if he were to be treated for all of his allergies, he may not need his meds. BUT, it's so expensive and all of the boys have allergies so I can't just focus on Tanner. Luckily his ADHD meds really work and his teacher is very impressed with his willingness to learn. He's had a couple run ins with some hyper boy at school but he's been very mature about it and I think the problem is solved. He just started Cub Scouts again for the year and so far, he's loving it. Jared's been taking him which I think makes a huge difference. He really needs time with his dad and I'm glad that Jared's been able to give him that time.

Brennen has been a terd. To put it bluntly. He knows that Mommy is tired and much slower and he's taking FULL ADVANTAGE of that. Won't he be surprised after the baby's born when I can really run again?! As my due date approaches, he's getting increasingly naughty. I don't think it really helps that he's been really suffering from seasonal allergies. He's just not being the good boy that he normally is. I've been working on setting up some play dates for him with his aunties once the baby is here. I think he's going to definitely need some one on one attention and I know I won't be as able to give him that right away. I'm most nervous about him. He is very much a Momma's boy. He falls asleep evey night snuggling with me and if he wakes up, he always wants me. UGH! Hopefully Jared will really step up and help out with Brennen because I just cannot do it all.

So, that's my life story.......Hopefully, very soon, I will have another person to write about at the end......


Stephanie said...

I know of two ways; one is decidedly more fun that the other. One is castor oil and one is sex. The fun part is, you get to decide which is more enjoyable.

I Am Boymom said...

I'm so behind on my blog reading, it sounds like you have definitely got your hads full! And one more on the way! I don't know how you do it but I am always amazed by women who can take on so much and stay grounded and level headed. It sounds like your boys are all doing well and that you are at least maintaining your sanity. My little guys is a total momma's boy too, but there was no one behind him to make him feel like he might lose that spot. Maybe if you give Brennen a special job with the new baby it will help him feel like he is important and help with his adjustment. Looking forward to hearing about the new baby ANY DAY NOW!