"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Saturday fun

Yesterday ended up being a good day. It sure didn't start that way though.... Not only were Jared and the boys NOT ready for their outing, but I had to get up early to make them lunches and help them get their stuff ready. It irks me that this wasn't a trip I was part of but I still had to be a major person in their prep. WHY?!?! I thought that being that the boys are older and Jared was going with I wouldn't be needed to help prepare. Note to self: The male of the species will ALWAYS need help from the female. They just aren't self sufficient! They got off late but they were gone by 8:30. Of course then I had 3 other munchkins awake and ready for their day. No relaxing here.... By the time we had to get ready for Tball practice, Tanner had already managed to lose the McDonald's trip. I told him that he could redeem himself by listening to his coaches. Did he do that? Heck no! He was an absolute SPAZ on the field. He kept running to the playground and all. Terd! So, needless to say, there was no McD's in our day. We did however see Spiderwick. It was really cute. I enjoyed it and Brennen watched the whole thing! He was spellbound. There were quite a few loud parts that made both Tanner and Brennen jump but all in all it was a really cute movie. The best part was by the time we got home from the movies it was BEDTIME! It was a nice day.

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Dawn said...

Glad you had a good day. Sometimes when we are preparing to do something "fun" I wonder if it is worth it for all the work it is getting ready. lol! And I agree with you on your conclusion of the male species. :)