"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


weekend break

Jared is going on a Boy Scout outing with Jon and Jake this weekend. They are going on a backpacking/hiking/camping trip. I am so excited to be changing it up a bit for the weekend. While I do enjoy being with the whole family, it is just such a relief to have a boy or two gone every once in awhile. It's like a whole different group of kids when you take one out of the equation. I love them all to death but they have SUCH severe cases of sibling rivalry it can drive a mom insane. SO, I have some fun planned for me and the 3 little ones. Tanner has been bugging me to go to McDonalds. Not my favorite place.....at all. In fact, we rarely eat fast food. BUT, dang McD's had a commercial on showing the fabulous, must have Spiderwick toys so Tanner NEEDS to go there! So, we'll hit McDonald's and then I'm planning on taking them to see Spiderwick. It should be fun. Tucker and Tanner usually fight a lot though so we'll see if the big guys being gone has an effect on their fighting. Let's hope it does.....
How about you all? Any fun planned for this weekend?

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